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For my depressed, anxious, eating- and sleeping-disordered friends...of whom there seem to be a lot...


Even though it isn't necessary germaine here, I will make a few comments...

I do not believe we are involved in a just conflict...

The terrorists responsible for the massacre of September 11 are not to be ignored. If they were working at the behest of another, that person is equally responsible, and there is a world court to address such grievances.

We are absolutely wrong to bomb and invade a sovereign nation because of suspicion that they are harboring one individual. Like the attack on Saddam Hussein (read that Iraqi women and children), we are overstepping out authority. These are extra-legal (meaning illegal) attacks.

A good comparison can be made with the Zionists (our allies the Israelis) who, after the Partition of Palestine (yet another sovereign nation), began to track down Nazi war criminals. It took decades in some cases…they didn't go and bomb Brazil or Argentina. They waited and brought them out when they could…

The terrorists were responsible for over 6,000 deaths, the Nazis for over six million Jews and another four million Catholics, jazz players, homosexuals and other "undesirables".

If the Zionists could wait thirty to fifty years for justice, why are we bombing Afghanistan after only a few weeks?

Imagine this…what if we capture these fugitives, especially the so-called leader, and bring them into court. What happens if they're exonerated (found not guilty)? We've torn Afghanistan to shreds…

Another question. If we killed, through both direct and indirect action, over three million Moslems during and after Desert Storm, why should we be distressed that they are able to redress the imbalance with a few thousand Americans?

Don't be mistaken. I had a deep and profound reaction to what happened. War is a hideous thing. Death and violence are miserable. I know that those who survived the first impact must have died unimaginably torturous deaths, and I grieve deeply for them and for those left behind to live with the memory. But this is war, and we have, through our concerted efforts, brought about the precise same suffering to Moslems.

In case you're wondering…I deeply believe in the teachings of Christ, who said 'turn the other cheek', 'resist not evil in the world,' and, most importantly, "Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do..."

Because I am a Christian, I can stand up with the Moslems, knowing that we serve the same God, who loves us equally, and who wants nothing more for his children than for us to live together in peace. And nope, I am not a totally brain-dead idiot, thank you very much.

After mass one Sunday recently I said these things, and a woman shook her head and said, "Well, yes, the teachings of Jesus are one thing…but we have to support our government..."

I said, "All you have to decide is who's more important, your government or your duty to God, and if it's God, you can't support this..."





What do these things have to do with each other?

I'm soooo glad you asked.

America picks on tiny, seemingly insignificant countries in these almost nonsensical wars. This has been the case since the late 1940s.


Because it's good for our economy. In fact, it's the ONLY thing that keeps the U.S. economy from collapsing completely. When America attacks a country or threatens to, it destabilizes the economy of that region. Everyone panics. Those who want to protect their money will send it out of banks in their region to banks in the U.S. Everybody knows that if the U.S. goes up against a tiny nation, the U.S. is going to win, and even if there's a big war, the likelihood of the U.S. being attacked directly is almost nil.


And pretty complicated.

So listen up.

American society runs on credit and at a tremendous deficit. Think of your debt load (or your parents). If you have credit cards, consumer loans, etc., you are using money that doesn't belong to you. You've borrowed it...

Where does it come from? Lending institutions…banks, specifically. Almost all, if not all credit cards are subsidiaries of banks.

If you look at the U.S. consumer debt load, compared with consumer income, you will readily see that we are spending far more money they we are making and saving almost nothing. Most people who have assets don't really have monetary assets…they have stocks or bonds or something other than money in the bank. Those things are paper, not money, not easily liquidated and possibly not even backed up with currency at all.

This being the case…where's the money coming from that keeps our economy going?


People in other countries who have saved their money. When the U.S. destabilizes a part of the world by war or threat of war, people in neighboring countries, intent on saving what they've worked so hard to accumulate, send it to U.S. banks, who in turn, then lend it out to Americans to further corrupt our economic system by increasing the debt load.

Think about it for a minute.

For the most part, Americans have nothing...

Most of us don't own our own homes or land…we are indebted to the banks and lending institutions…we only THINK we own them…Really, we're deeply in debt. Most of us have credit cards and most of us aren't using them for necessities but rather for frivolous and stupid things, largely consumable.

Worst of all, our government, far from preaching prudence, encourages stupidity in spending...

So, whereas we enjoy the best living standard, we also own nothing, or very little of value...

Is it any wonder that the rest of the world see us as bullies?