Yuugi's Placid Retreat


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About Me

Name: Yuugi
Japanese word meaning playful
Also implies the responsibilities of friendship
Age: 43
Gender: Female
Height: 5'-6
Weight: 105 lbs.
Hair: Nearing waist-length, grey
Eyes: Two, brown, glasses
Mecha: Borrowed Lincoln Continental with bad transmission
Fighting Style: None...A gentle answer turneth away wrath

Currently I am engaged as a tutor, primarily for people new to the English language, as well as university students in need of additional assistance, mostly in the areas of history and writing. I occasionally teach financial independence and debt-elimination seminars and self-help groups as well as a bit of free-lance writing and editing.

I hold a degree in history with a minor in rural sociology from the University of Missouri, have been a paralegal since 1988 and a professional genealogist and researcher since 1980.

Hyper Police's Natsuki and Bob.

This is not me...there is, however, an anime-style picture of me on its way...
This is Natsuki and Bob, her guardian...
Natsuki is a favorite character, clever but guileless and half-cat, not so far from a description of me.
I once had a blonde cat named Bob who was not my guardian, just a good friend. A few years before he died, I told someone I had just met about him, and they, apparently not realizing he was a cat, told others about Yuugi and her fiance, Bob...I liked it...