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Welcome to Yuugi's magnificent website...
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What's New?

In truth, my friends, there really is nothing new under the sun...


A new section of the web site is up.. sort of... partially... It's Beginning Latin, Lesson 1, providing insight into few things Latin.

Oddly enough, though, I do have some new short stories up...Please note that except where these are denoted as children's stories, they may contain coarse language, suggestive dialogue, sexual situations, mild to intense violence and other aspects not in keeping with conventional morality...

Amerique...This is a story about a young Asian woman who came to America with great hopes, married and then found out that this was scarcely a promised land. Set in the early 1970s.

Dog and Rabbit...A children's story about a dog who's territory is invaded by...you guessed it...a rabbit.

Dreams. Fourteen-year-old Pru comes from a wacky household...in the worst sense...she's in a new school, madly in love with a boy in her English class and totally confused about life in general. This is the perfect setup for some sort of telekinetic revenge story, but in real life, things don't go that way. Set in 1971.

Attic Girl...When one brother kills another brother, the relatives vow to keep it a secret. But a small girl sees what happened, and a second mystery ensues. Set in the early 1900s.

Kate's Christmas...a young girl and a cat cope with Christmas in a foster home. Dumb fluff with a moral.

Gallery, A Diptych...An aging, profoundly depressed gentleman seeks redemption in a city art museum. Set in 1965.

In The Headlights...Chloe, an expert pool player, wends her way through pool hall life and culture, including encounters with runaway boys, pool sharks, hustlers, high stakes gamblers and dealers. Set in 1985.

St. George and the Dragon. This is the oldest piece on the website, and dates from about 1985. It's a pacifistic retelling of the St. George legend, totally skewed and meant for laughs, or at least faint smiles, only.

Treasures of a Minor Prince...This is a fantasy short story about a boy whose father is mortally wounded seeking a treasure from their ancestors in the hopes of being able to liberate his people. The son sets out to follow his father's failed mission, with unexpected, as usual, results.

The Enemy...When her husband captures his old enemy, the vanquished prince of a neighboring kingdom, the young bride feels little more than disgust for the prisoner. Her love for and faith in her husband and his ways is complete and steadfast. But will a miserable night outside the palace lead her to question all of her beliefs?

Frankhauer at the Rubicon...A middle-aged man contemplates life and death. No actual rivers are involved.

The Search...Nellie is a young wife, mother and orphan in the early 1920s who becomes obsessed with finding out about her parents and her past.

The Heir of Greves...This is written in the style of early nineteenth century English horror stories. A young girl transplanted into a country village encounters a ghostly presence from the neighboring manor. Her insatiable curiousity leads to unexpected results.

Poetry...That about says it... Fifty poems on a wide variety of topics.