Hi Becky,

It was good to hear from you.

I am glad you watched the1995 Mobile tape.

The sextant was at Emmy's house. Emmy's husband, Devonne Williams, worked with Uncle Frank and later became a contract wood worker. I was disappointed that he did not have any of the old hand tools.

Yes, Anna was my grandmother. Her maiden name was Williamson and her father was a professor at the University of Alabama. Both M.J. and Anna were Deacons in the church.

I am an agnostic, simply because I did not want to lie to myself. However, I believe the teachings of Jesus are the best guide for life so I try to follow them. I, too, believe that the Old Testament, Jewish Religion, is harsh and blood thirsty.

From High School, I have carried William Cullen Bryant's "Thanatopsis" as a part of my valued knowledge. "So live that when thy summons comes to join that innumerable caravan that moves to that mysterious realm on high, thou go, not like the quarry slave scourged to the dungeon, but sustained and soothed, as one who draws the draperies of his couch and lies down to pleasant dreams.

I am quite comfortable with my relationship with the Deity.

Thanks for the E-Mail.