trimmed off down to within about 12 or 14 inches of the main branching point - I'm sure you know what I mean. Do not trim off the mock orange, however - send it as it is. There should be a ball of dirt left around each bush about three inches thick all around the roots, wrapped in damp cloth or paper separately and then where the bushes are small, a piece of gunny sack wrapped and tied around three or four of them together - if too big for more than one or two, then just in bundles of one or two - so that the whole bush is protected by the gunny sack. Then they can be laid down end for end in a cardboard box or put in a good strong sack, so that they fit tight. The bulbs should be put in a box with some torn paper on the bottom and between layers and at the ends and on top. I want you and Pearl to take 2 or 3 each of each kinds of bulbs you want them and make yourself a "Bertie Bulb Bed". They will multiply each year til you have more than you want. Also, you know I will pay you for all your trouble. Now = here comes the darling part of it all. My blessed Mother is lying in the most beautiful spot in the world - we have two more lots by her - one for Dad, the other for Harold and I. He wishes to be cremated so if he goes first, his ashes will wait in their urn until I go and be buried with me -If I go first, an opening will be made within my grave for the urn when he is gone - Our lot is on Sunset Lawn in Rose Hills Memorial Park, in Whittier and it h~ at a lovely stone wall that encases a large space that is now planted with ivy and small shrubs with some beautiful trees and barge shrubs that shade our lot. In the center of this place is a stone cairn which used to have a large crystal ball on it which got broken. Now - the Management of the Park told me if I wanted to have her bulbs and roses in that place, he would have the gardeners take out the ivy and small shrubs around this cairn, put in lots of leaf mold and rich dirt and plant them there for me! Also that I could have a bird bath placed on top of that cairn and they would pipe that water tn it for me, free of charge. Did vou ever hear of anvthins so dear and sweet? I told Frank