this big place full of patients for whom I must smile even though my heart is breaking. And so it goes. I've mot (thought) of you and dear Gilbert and our babies so much Harold so often talks of you all and I've tried to make myself write to your Aunt Pearl and Mollie I couldn't. Dad and Inez write each other rather often so I thought I'd ought to write you all but -- you know now the reason. Maybe after I can quit saying to myself "This time last year" things will be easier. I'm trying so hard, Rosie Darling - but - seems like I'm not very brave - but oh I love her so! Well - you see - I knew once I started writing to you I'd break got to quit it - can't let myself go. Not for one minute --I'd cry myself to death if I did, and Dad needs me.

Rose dear, will you and Gilbert do something for me? You know the lovely bulbs Mother had there? Pearl knows where they were and their foliage will show you, too. () Anyway they were all across the fence next tot he pasture, in that bed between the yard and the garden across that narrow bed where the shed is on a line with the cistern - in clusters by some of those bushes by the side of the shed or side yard, I should say - and in that big bed between the fence that divides the yard from the field, toward the house along by the edge of where her roses are. There are hundreds in that bed. Now, honey, Pearl said she would go dig them up and send them to me when I was ready for them but she will need help and I wondered if you three would go get them and a lot, but not all, the tiger lilies, take some from each side of the yard, but leave some of them to grow and spread again. Shake all the dirt off the bulbs and cut the foliage off to within an inch of the top of the bulbs. If the foliage all comes off them it's alright. Then at the end of the house next to the garden, she has a mock orange bush - and her roses out back of the shed <=-and I tried to fix a branch from that big rose bush at front by the garden so it would take root - if it did, then cut the branch free of the big bush and take up the new one - These thp mnrk nranpe should have their branches tied as close together as cossible = after beine