Lovingly Aunt Bertie

One more thing, don't be discouraged if you get no help from human beings. Jesus didn't, all this help came from God and we can have the same if we really want it, and ask for it earnestly and often.

By the following year, Bertie was dead. Her daughter, Gussie, wrote to Rose on October 1, 1934, from her home at 2849 Gardena Avenue, Long Beach, California. She mailed the letter October 4, at 6:00 p.m. from Long Beach. My Dear Rose:

You have of course, given up all hope of ever hearing from me and decided I was just a no good girl, but my girl, I can be honest with you 'cause your heart understands mine and always has - I can hardly -bear- to address a letter to or receive a letter postmarked from Defiance. There used to be one from there every day of the year but Sundays for so many long precious years and then ~ suddenly silence! Every day of the year and even some Sundays -

- I addressed a letter or card to Defiance and now never to that Beloved one again oh Rosie -- just this time one short year ago that was all being done and now ~ God help me I feel so utterly alone! And to make it still harder to bear, Dad has just sold the farm. The money came and was all fixed up for him at the bank today and now ~ humble though it was -

- my darling's home passes into the hands of strangers and I can never go back there again. Sometimes honey, I think I'll just have to die with this heartache bottled up in me. As I told of

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