do His. Did you ever stop to think that God can't save you, unless you do your part. He says "Repent, ask forgiveness and forsake sin." The last is most important out of all. Now, dear girl, I have written this because I love you and because God loves you - someone has put you, Rose McKenney in my heart to try to help you realize your need of a Saviour, it wasn't the devil. He tried to get me not to write this letter, so it has to be God, for there are only 2 spirits that influence us, so God is sending you this message, little girl - He uses his followers, His children, to "run errands" and "Carry messages for him. He no longer "speaks face to face" with man as He did with Adam and Eve nor from a "burning bush" as He did to Moses - nor out of the sky, as He did to Paul, but He speaks, He warns us, through human beings in the spoken, written and printed word - You will be happy if you listen to and heed His message darkling, Auntie knows for she has followed both paths - and even yet her feet stray, but with what tender love and patience and forgiveness does my dear Father take me by the hand and whisper, "This way, daughter, you are in the wrong path, it will lead you to distraction, keep your feet here on this narrow path, and it will lead you to life everlasting - for ""Eye hath not seen, ear hath not heard, neither hath it entered into the heart of man* the Joys God has prepared for those who love him" - that's all He asks is our live () Him that, and the rest will follow as sure as day follows night. Will you begin the fight, Rose? Will you go with me down the narrow path? I can promise you that at the end of the path, you will say with me, "Oh, what have I ever given up - that was worth this?" May God help you to decide, not only for yourself - that is the serious part of it -but whichever way you decide means life or death hereafter, not only to Rose, but to Rose's Children, Husband, Father and friends perhaps.