not ask us to die on the cross as He did - if He did, few would follow His example - but he does ask us to turn away from sinful habits and take up () habits to love Him - read the Bible daily at least once, oftener is better for us. The more you read God's word the sweeter it grows, it has only been the last year or maybe a little longer, that I learned that, I used to read it from a sense of duty - or when I was in trouble like a hurt child who comes to its mother's arms for comfort, but now I love it. The Christian life is a growth if you are really in earnest and trying to do right, you can soon begin to look back and see your growth.


a fault overcome here, and one there, one will always have to be overcome as long as we live. Christian life is a battle, too, the devil hates to give us up, he wants us to suffer with him when God rewards us for our sins - or our "overcomings" so often I tell Him how glad I am He can read every thought of my heart - for while He sees all the sins - all the weaknesses, all the failures - He can also see that my desire is towards Him - that I really, honestly want to be good. No, Christian living is not easy, Rose darling, but there is no peace like it -1 can testify to that. Troubles and sorrows, yes, there is no promise in the Bible that assures us we will be free form them here - but - "My peace I give unto thee, not as the world gives," etc., etc., no world give no peace so called - the pleasures of the world - leaves a bad taste in our mouth - to say nothing of a stain on our souls - we must give up worldly things - for we cannot serve 2 masters - you, as well as I know - love to read novels and worldly magazines, nothing I ever done was as hard as to give up as that was, how I dallied with the temptations - I would quit (once I quit for 2 years) and then I would break over and read - () - what love, what patience, what mercy - God shows us if He really sees and knows we want to quit any sin - whether it be reading novels and stories r.iirsinp bad temner or whatever it mav be - if we want to emit and do our nart God will