to God for the influence, for the example we set in our homes - we not only "will not go in, but we hinder others from going in" the Bible says. By our example and influence - no missionary that ever went to heathen lands have a bigger work to do, that each woman has to do in her home. It's a blessed privilege. God has given us women to work for Him, to earn stars in our crowns while we go about our daily tasks of homemaking. (When I was rearing my children -I had no one to give me one word of advice or encouragement to train them for God - we may become discouraged after we have trained them the best we can and then see them go astray and into sin, in spite of all our training, but I have faith in God's promises. He does not lie*. And He promises you and me and all parents, "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it." We can claim that promise if we will do the first part, that is, our part the last part belongs to God and I believe He will keep His promise if we fulfill ours - BUT - O little girl - we must reach down __ to get the full measure of the first part of that verse. It means more than training them in good table manners, in politeness, in how to do their work well. It means training them by our example, by our teaching to live for God - we must not make that training so strict they will learn to dislike religion - but teach them what God really is "Love." That all He asks of us is to love him - for if we love anyone - we would not hurt them or mistreat them - but we want to please them, don't we? Well - every sin - hurts God and our dear Jesus who done so much for us. If I had done for you what Jesus did - you would love me and want to do anything in your power to show you loved me - so we should and will be with Jesus. Now I am not going to tell you it is easy, for it is not. But was it easy for Jesus to leave all He left in Heaven and come to this old sin cursed earth and go through all He went through for you, for me? I say it wasn't. But he did it. He opened the door, that the devil had >rl and He left it onen for me. for vou. for anvone who will follow in his footsten. He does