Bertie wrote for a local interest column for the St. Charles Banner News for many years, and reported most of the family incidents and gatherings that are now known. She was an avid devotee of temperance, and very religious.

On August 8, 1933, she wrote a letter for Rose Keller, which she marked, "Private":

Dear Rose:

If you will excuse this paper, I want to talk to you a little while—just to you personally, unless you want anyone else to know what I am writing to you about. I do not care myself - but I do not know how you would feel about it. Every since I was down there you have been on my mind and in my prayers many times every day. You said you did not pretend to be a Christian, and said, an oath was on your lips at the least provocation, then you said, you would curse one minute and cry and pray another — Oh honey, I am so glad for the tears and for the prayers, for they prove that God's holy spirit is striving to lead you away from sin - if He had deserted you -there would be no tears, no prayers. God love you - and want you to be His child, not the child of the devil - for there is no "between" we are one or we are the other. Always, since you were a tiny thumbsucking baby that had to have her mother's old black sateen apron to go" to sleep with, you had a tender spot in my heart -1 just can't seem to rest with the thought of you going on in sin, you have no lease on life, you do not know when God will say - "Lay down your work

and come" - it will be awful to hear that summons and not be able to willingly say, "I can, Lord."


It is not only for your own sake I pled with you to give your love, life and service to God - but for the sake of your children, your husband, your Father, who has not much time before him before it will be too late for him to say, "Forgive me." God meant women to be leaders, not political leaders - but leaders of our dear ones to the cross of Christ - We women are responsible