been staving it off till now - it has to be. They cannot give ether or chloroform - have to inject something into the spine which makes you helpless and free from pain but leaves you conscious -won't that be nice! Still, it is the only way and I know they tell the truth when they say I am dying on my feet. I am not able to stand more than three or four minutes any longer, so - as soon as my heart is over this spell which put me in bed, why I am going to Community Hospital, about 10 days, the Doctors say - there are 4 of the,. So you see how things are with me. If I go on - do all you can to make my Dad happy. I feel sure he would spend a large part of his time in Defiance cause with me gone, this country out here would be a big waste place to him. He thinks oh so much of you - Mother loved you more than you had any idea - so if Dad is back there be preciously good to him - love him and show it. He will have plenty of money to take care of himself but - he will be bankrupt for love. He is the most blessedly good man God ever made.

Now, darling, I've just found we cannot ship the flowers. California laws will not allow us. So I've written a postscript to the letters I had written to Pearl, Opal and Mrs. Reichardt and explained. Asked Mr. R. to let them stay there till we could get them and if he re-sold the place to explain that I was to have them. To you, I will say, if I do go on if you and Pearl want to go get them you may do so - you would be the ones she would want to see have them. Then any time my Dad wanted to bring some of them out here you could divide with him.

Darling girl - if I leave you all - I want you to promise me to consecrate your life to God for I am convinced we will know each other "over there" and your mother and mine will know me when I arrive, and oh my girl, I'll be looking for you when the time comes. Some times, I feel sure God has work for me yet here on earth for I wanted to be an Evangelist to tell the i in the, noor. our of the wav nlaces. even God loves them. Peonle who haven't the monev