Reichardt, who bought the farm about it before we would sign the Deed and told him I wanted to move her flowers but it was too early before October so he said to leave them there and move them whenever I got ready. I know people can be too sweet for words! Just imagine how happy she would be if she could know that her flowers, which she loved so much - were to be placed by her resting place - to be cared for, watered and fertilized each year as needed and to grow in all their beauty as only flowers can grow in California. It makes me so happy to know they will be there. You know, I've been thinking and I believe she got a vine or shrub or something from you, Rose, that she especially loved. If it is now too large, I'd like that included if you know what it was - it may even have been a bulb plant of some kind. Anyway, she told me about it and showed it to me and said how sweet she thought you were to give it to her ~ I believe you only had two or maybe three of whatever it was.

And now, Rose - her rocking chair is there at the house and the trunk of books - and the walnut day bed which that woman bought and did not pay for. I know you will get the dear old chair and trunk of books and put them in your attic and save them for me - but how about the day bed? Pearl has the two mattresses for it at her house and if you could use it and it would not be in your way I'd be so glad. You could get the mattresses from Pearl and it will make a good bed for any one or as an extra bed for company if you need it. If you have no room for it, why don't you hesitate to say so - I can sell it but - oh, I don't want to if I can keep it. I'll write to Arthur Long and see what he will give me then let you know.

Now, my dear, I have some bad news to tell you. I've been sick in bed going on three weeks and they say I'll never be well again till I have a major operation to finish up the job stated when I was first operated on. I was too young then to make a clean sweep of it, and they

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