Adam C. Reyburn, 3/9/1795, Fayette Co., KY

I. William Thomas Rayburn, 12/1/1819 (MO)(Obit says 10/1818)-7/15/1914 m. 8/18/1843 Nancy Fortney b. 2.23. 1823-1/17/1915 (mar rept Col States. 8/25/1843 3/3). In Civil War, served in state militia. Buried at Fortney Cem.

II. William W. Rayburn, 10/12/1850-8/9/1935 m. Emily J. Reed (Reed?) 10/1848-7/24/1920, daughter of Cynda Reed, b. 1820 MO. Obit says she is sister of late Logan Norvell, former mayor of Columbia, William Norvell, K.C., and Mrs. W. M. McCosky of Chicago. She must be a Norvell.

III. Daughter who became Mrs. Alice Judd

III. John Adam Rayburn d 10/28/1914

IV. Nancy Rayburn (1868-12/17/1932) m. James Forney Saunders (1861-1937). Trib obit for Hopper says mother was Nancy Martin Saunders.

V. Daughter, died before 1966

V. Daughter, died before 1966

V. Hopper Saunders (6/17/1888-10/29/1966) m. Myrtle Crane (8/3/1890-6/1/1988)

VI. Narcissa Saunders m. Nick Lambrecht, Darien and Maywood (1966), Ill.

VI. Edith Saunders m. Kelly Castleman, Pueblo and Denver (1966), Co.

VI. James E. Saunders (912 Lathrop Road, Columbia, MO., 1966)

VI. Edwin Eugene Saunders (Deceased by 1966)

Total of Hopper Saunder's grandchildren in 1966, seven grandchildren, five great grandchildren.

V. Raymond T. Saunders (9/3/1898-5/31/1973) m. Nellie Green Saunders

VI. Raymond T. Saunders, Jr., 1920- m. Letha Mae

VII. Geryl Saunders m. Charlene

VII. Daryll Saunders m.

VII. Marvin Saunders

II. John A. Reyburn


II. James Fortney Saunders (1861-1937)

II. A. H. Saunders m. Lucy

III. Nellie Green Saunders (adopted) 9/1900 m. Raymond T. Saunders (9/3/1989-5/31/1973)


I. John E. Crane (-2/14/1931) and Virginia Fortney Crane (4/21/1863-10/12/1940). Apparently John had been married before and had a son Walter, living in 1940 in McBaine, Mo.

II. William Crane

II. Margaret Crane m. W. W. Riggs (Col., 1940)

II. Myrtle Crane (1890-1988) see above m. to Hopper Saunders (Col. 1940)

II. John Crane (Col., 1940)

II. Arch Crane (Col., 1940)


I. Wray Fortney and Roxanna Berry m. 6/18/1857 by Berryman Wren

II. Virginia Fortney (m. John Crane, above)

II. Mrs. W. F. Rader



Shortly after the settlement of Smithton, Adam C. Reyburn was known in the public records and was living "around the present site of Columbia", according to Switzler, along with other notables, Richard Gentry, Henry, Richard and Rueben Cave, David Todd, William Ridgeway and others.

In a letter he wrote to the Boone County Journal, printed August 18, 1870, he said, "I was born in Fayette County, Kentucky, on March 9th, 1795. I settled in Boone County in 1819, on the present site of Columbia. I built the first cabin ever erected in the town. I lived in Boone County over thirty-eight years."

His son William's obituary, though, says that William's parents were Irish emigrants. It is possible that this is an error, or that Adam or his wife's families originally came from Ireland.

Boone County was organized by an act of the legislature in November 1820 and a the temporary county seat was placed at Smithton. On April 2, 1821, Judge David Todd presided over the first session of the Boone County Circuit Court. A grand jury was empannelled for criminal cases, which all involved assault and battery cases.

Adam Reyburn was a member of the petit jury empannelled that day, which included John T. Evans, John T. Foster, Michael Woods, Jesse Richardson, Daniel King, John Jamison, Thomas Kennon, John Berry, Jesse Davis, Joseph W. Hickam, and Robert Jones.

Switzler wrote of both juries, "This court held two days, and was employed chiefly in appointing overseers for roads and issuing licenses. In the absence of a proper building, their proceedings were conducted under an arbor of sugar trees, constructed for the purpose and provided with accommodations, and here within this shady grove, surrounded by the luxuriance and beauty of nature's freshness, did justice have an honored birth-place upon the soil of Boone County!" p. 159

On August 21, 1821, Adam Reyburn was a petitioner for a Columbia Road. "Petition for road from Columbia to intersect old St. Charles road between Maj. Graham and the Rocky Form laid over.

"Road from east end of Broadway in columbia to intersect the Cedar Creek at Section 10, Twp. 48, R. 11, had been advertised and no objection made; ordered to be a public road.

"Appt. Jas. Barnes, Nicholas S. Kavanagh and Elias Elston to view and lay out a road from Sim's Ford on Cedar Creek (to which place a road has been laid out by Callaway) to the town of Columbia and make report.

"Petition for above road signed byL Ambrose C. Estes, L. Bass, Joseph Lynes, John Yates, Stephen Chapman, Elis Sims, John M. Smith, Joseph C. McKay, Daniel Tolson, James Sims, David Jackson, Mark Cunningham, Richard Barnes, Nicholas S. Kavanaugh, William Sims, Lewis Collins, Francis Lipscomb, James Barnes, Adam C. Raburn (sic).

On Monday February 18, 1822, the County Court reported: "On motion of William Y. Hitt, Court appointed Jsoeph Lynes, Harrison Jamison and Adam C. Rabourn (sic) to review that part of the Cote San Dessin road lying between Miner Neal's and Mason Moss and parts adjacent and make report.

On Monday, May 20, 1822, Adam C. Rayburn was allowed $1.00 for services. The following day, the court reported, "Joseph Lynes, Harrison Jamison and Adam C. Rayburn appointed to reivew that part of the Cote San Dessin road lying ebtween Minor Neal's and Mason Moss report they consider no alternative was necessary; it is therefore ordered the present road be continued.

On Tuesday, May 20, 1823, the court record reads, "Adam C. Rayburn is to take charge of the pound and keep same in repair."

The County records of 14 October, 1824 read, "Adam C. Reyburn, Jesse Blackburn, David Jackson, William T. Lemmon, John Wililams, Daniel B. Neal, Isaac Copperage, Samuel Johnson, George W. Gordon, Richard Gentry, Peter Kerney, John Curry, on June 24, 1824 did inspect the lands where John Witt had proposed to erect a saw mill. They find the only lands that would be flooed by this are the lands of John Witt."

The following year, 1825, the County Court met on Feb. 16. Adam C. Reyburn presented his accounts as jailer, but also the Grand Jury returned an indictment against him and several other men for gambling. Richard Bibb guaranteed his bond.

The case was tried on June 15, 1825. The other defendants were Mr. Samuels, Mr. Grisham and Mr. Richardson. The "jury finds that 12 1/2 cents was bet by Richard Samuels, others not guilty." One wonders who he was wagering with.

On June 17, 1825, also during that summer session of the circuit court, John McClintic sued Adam C. Reyburn. The jury consisted of William White, Thomas Chevis, Richard Estis, A. McPheeters, Richard Bibb, James B. Nichols, John Parker and James Harris.

On June 26, 1827, Adam Reyburn was again in court. Henry Bright sued him for a debt.

On February 27, 1828, there was an entry in the county court records, "Sheriff acknowledged a deed for lot in Columbia belonging to Adam C. Reyburn that has been sold by execution to Sinclair Kirtly."

On June 26, 1828, William Pennington sued Adam Reyburn for a debt of $1.68.

Adam Reyburn also sat on the jury that tried a celebrated murder case in 1835. On the night of December 29, 1835, Isreal B. Grant, a leading citizen of Callaway County, was riding home to Fulton from Columbia on horseback when he was attacked. Two slaves were implicated and one turned states' evidence. Because of the sentiment in Callaway County, the case came to Boone County for trial. The jury foreman was James Hopper and toher members were Jesse Whitesides, Henry L. Douglass, Greenbury Jacobs, Daniel Lyons, Edward Jarman, Levi Bennett, John Caruthers, William Y. Hitt, Merritt Stephenson and Samuel Morrow. The young, eloquent James S. Rollins was counsel for the defense, but the trial, which lasted several days, resulted in a guilty verdict and one of the men, still protesting his innocence, was hanged in Fulton April 8, 1836. The other, who had turned states evidence, was later tried, convicted and hanged. Eventually, people came to believe that the first man had been unjustly executed. (see Switzler p. 206)

The death of Adam Reyburn's wife Elsey, age 56, was reported in teh Missouri Statesman on August 18, 1854 (3/7).

In about 1857, Adam C. Reyburn left Boone County. In his 1870 letter to the Boone County Journal, he said, "I then moved to Lexington, Mo., where I lived fifteen years when I removed to my present residence in Audrain five miles north of Sturgeon. I am disenfranchised. Adam C. Reyburne." The dates cannot be accepted as completely accurate, since the years between 1819 and 1870 were fifty-one, and Reyburn's list of dates, thirty-eight years in Boone County and fifteen in Lexington add up to fifty-three years.

Thomas Saunders was an accepted voter from Columbia Township in 1868 (switz. 497)



William Thomas Reyburn was born on December 1, 1819, according to his tombstone and October 1818 according to his obituary, in what is now the city of Columbia, Missouri. He married Nancy Fortney (born February 23, 1823) on August 18, 1843 in Boone Cuonty. In 1849, a William Reyburn went to California to participate in the gold rush, which was reported by the Columbia Statesman on March 15, 1840 (2/3). In the Civil War, William Thomas served in the State Militia. William died July 15, 1914 at the age of 95, on his farm five miles south of Columbia and was buried in the Fortney Cemetary. Nancy died the following year on January 17, 1915. His children were William Reyburn and John Adams Reyburn. At the time of his death he had three granddaughters, nine great-grandchildren and two great-great grandchildren.


William W. Reyburn was born October 12, 1850 in Boone County to William Thomas and Nancy Fortney Reyburn. Described as "a neighborly and an honest, honerable man. Generous and considerate, his charity and his benvolence were proverbial. None was more highly esteemed than was William Reyburn, whose walk through life was a long and useful one."

William W. Reyburn married Emily J. (October 1848), the daughter of Cynda Reed, born 1820. The newspaper reported on November 20, 1874 (3-5) that he and Miss Lizzie Norville had married. Her obituary lists her as Emily Norvell, the sister of Logan Norvill, who was the mayor of Columbia, William Norvell who lived in Kansas City and Mrs. W. M. McCosky, of Chicago. William and Emily and had two daughters that survived, Mrs. John Gilbert and Mrs. J. M. Judd.

Emily died on the Saturday, July 24, 1920, and was buried at the Bonne Femme Church. Her obituary does not list any children, only her siblings. William died at the home of one of his daughters, both of whom lived south of Columbia, on August 9, 1935. He was buried in the Bonne Femme Church yard at 3 p.m. August 11, 1935, and his service was conducted by the Rev. Clark Holy. He was buried alone with Emily, his wife and Susan E. Reyburn. His grandchildren included Albert and Claude Gilbert, Robert Ricks, Glenn, Guy and Vevia Judd, all of whom lived in Columbia at the time of his death in August 1935. Mrs. O. E. Allen, his granddaughter, lived in St. Joseph. (THIS DOESN'T SEEM TO BE POSSIBLE. THE OBIT DOESN'T LIST CHILDREN WHO MUST BE HIS.)


Hopper Saunders was born June 17, 1888 to James F. and Nancy Martin Saunders. On October 15, 1911, he married Myrtle J. Crane, born 1891. He lived most of his life in Boone County as a farmer, but lived in Colorado for the 14 years preceding 1933.

Hopper and Myrtle's had at least four children. Edwin Eugene, born 1913, died before 1966. James E. was born in about 1914. There were at least two daughers. One was namned Francissis B., born about 1918. One of the daughters became Mrs. Kelly Castleman of Denver Col., and the other became Mrs. Nick Lambrecht of Maywood, Ill. Att the time of his death on the Tuesday preceding 10/30/1966, Hopper had seven grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. He was buried at Nashville Church yard after a service held 2 p.m. Tuesday (date?) officiated by Rev. Atley Sapp.

Hopper Saunders probably at some point owned what is now known as the Traxler House south of Route N.



David Saunders was born in 1819 in Virginia. He married Katherine, born in Virginia in 1829, and they moved to Missouri before 1851, when their daughter Ellen was born there in that year. Ellen was followed by a son, Alfred, born in 1854 and another son, James Saunders (q.v.), born in 1861. In 1870, they were living in Cedar Township south of the city of Columbia.



James F. Sanders was born in 1862 in Missouri to David and Katherine Saunders. He married Nannie W. Reyburn, daughter on John A. Reyburn, born in 1868. Their children were Hopper S., born in June 1888, Mamie A., born November 1894, Raymond T., born September 1899. In 1900 and 1910, John Rayburn was living with the family when he was 55 and 65 years old respectively.



Raymond T. Saunders was born September 3, 1898 to James F. and Nannie Saunders. On July 4, 1917, he married Nellie Green, the adopted daughter of his uncle and aunt. They were married in Fulton. She was very young and he proposed at the Callaway County Fair. Even though it was not approved by the relatives, they found a jude who married them that afternoon.

In the 1920 census, they were listed in Callaway County. He was 12 and she was 19. They had only one child, Raymond Saunders, Jr. He farmed. He died at age 74 on May 31, 1973 at his home. His service was held at 2 p.m. on Saturday following his death at Parker's Funeral Chapel and he was buried at Memorial Park Cemetary.



Adam C. Reyburn

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Saunders, --, wife of Drewry, d. 10/1896, aged 84 years

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Also people with surname Hopper

Virginia Anne Crane, 4/21/1863-10/12/1940

John Edward Crane, 1/28/1853-2/14/1931

Many other Cranes


Marriages in Boone County

Robert Reyburn m. Minerva Fortney, 12/28/1864

Sanders, Dudley ,. Sarah H. Hicks, 10/15/1858, note date recorded 20 Feb. 1858

Sanders, Thomas H. and Eliza Bishop, 3/6/1862. He of Mont. Co.,Mo.

Saunders, William and Mrs. Jemimah Hemmar 1/18/1853

Fortney, Adnrew Jackson m. Jemima Goodin, 11/23/1851. She of Knox Co., KY

Fortny, John H. and Jemima Ann Jones 12/24/1863

Fortney, Martin m. Mrs. Elizabeth Riddle, 2/15/1863

Three Crains

Five Cranes

Boone Co. Marr. 1850-1972


Sanders, 2

Saunders 3, Pitts/Lanham/Atkins

Forney, 3

Fortner, 1


1835-50 Probate Records

Asa Graves: To my wife, Mary C. Graces, to my daughter Anna Marie Rayburn, a n. slave, horses, bed and furniture, signed Aug., 24, 1839, recorded Oct. 1, 1839.

No Sanders, Saunders, Fortney

1 Ref. James Crane, g.s. of David McQuitty, 25 Aug. 1849

1852-1861, no references

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Rayburn, Darius, to Caroline Neal 8/6/1842, T. P. Stephens (23)

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no Sanders/Saunders in index

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Missouri Herald-Statesman, 7/17/194, 5-2

Died in his 96th Year

William Thomas Reyburn, 95 years old and a highly respected citizen of Boone County, died at his home, five miles south of Columbia Wed. morning at 10:00. Mr. Reyburn was married 71 years ago and had lived since in the same house except for one year spent in Fulton. Burial wa in the Fortney graveyard south of town Thursday.

Mr. W. T. Reyburn was born in Boone county, in what is now the city of Columbia, in Oct. 1818. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Adam Reyburn, Irish emmigrants. He was married in 1892 to Miss Forney who still sruvives him. He also leaves son sons, John A., and W. W. Reyburn, prominent farmers of the county. There are three granddaughters, nine greatgrandchildren and two great great grandchildren. During the Civil War, Mr. William Reyburn served in the state militia. For the past few years he and his wife (who is 91) have lived alone on their farm. All who knew them express their sympathy with the wife and children.

Evening Missourian, Monday, 7/26/1922, 2-2

Mrs. Emily Rayburn Buried

Services Held Yesterday Afternoon at the Bonne Femme Churhc.

The body of Mrs. Emily Rayburn, who died Saturday, was buried yesterday afternoon at the Bonne Femme Church.

Mrs. Rayburn was 72 years old. She was a sister of the late Local Nervell, a former Mayor of Columbia. She is survived by a brother, William Norvell of Kansas City and a sister, Mrs. W. M. McCosky of Chicago.

Missourian, Wed., 12/18/1968, 2-4

Mrs. Daniel Saunders

Mrs. Katherine Saunders, 69, of 104 South William Street, died at 11:30 a.m. Monday at the Boone County Hospital after an illness of several months.

Mrs. Saunders was born 11/22/1899, in Boone County to ohn M. and Florence Alexander Hazard. She was married to Daniel Saunders in 2/1924; he died in 1933. Mrs. Saunders was a secretary for the University from 1936 until she retired in 1/68. She was a member of the First Baptist Churhc.

Survivors include a daughter, Mrs. Clifford Winkler, Portland, Ore., one sister, Mrs. O. D. Blakemore, Rocheport; a brother, Roscoe Hazard, Rocheport; a half-brother, Maitland Hazard, Harrisburg; 2 grandchildren and several nieces and nephews.

Services will be conducted at 2 p.m. Thursday at the memorial Funeral Home chapel by the Rev. O. Edwin Luttrell, First Baptist Church. Burial will be in Bathleham Church Cemetary.

Active pallbearers: W. L. Christman, E. Ralph Humphreys, Alva I. Preson, Frank Graham, R. S. Clough, and Nelson Trickey.

Honorary pallbearers: John Burkeholder, Art Auherman, George Rowe, T. T. Martin, Ross Fleetwood and Dean W. Francis English.

Firends may call at the Memorial Funeral Home after noon today. the family has established a memorial for Mrs. Saunders for use by the Bethleham Cemetary Assn. Those interested are asked to call Mrs. H. H. Thurston, Route 1, Harrisburg.

Statesman, 10/8/1880, 3-3

Judges of November Election.

Two sets of Judges and clerk swill act at each precints--one set to receive and the other to count the votes--so that returnes will be sent in much earlier than heretofore.

Centralia-R. D. Poage, James Rayburn, S. W. Early, Jno. Bryson.

5/28/1890, 2-5

Census Enumerators for Boone, Audrain and Calaway

W. J. Powell, of Rolla, Mo., census supervisor of the third census district of Mo. has recommended to Mr. Porter, superintendent, the following persons as enumerators in the counties of Audrain, Boone and Callaway.

Boone County, District 22, James F. Rayborn, Central Post Ofice.

9/22/1854, 3-7

Married--on the 14th Instant, by Rev. Moses Payne, Mrs. Joseph Rayburn to Miss Mary Catharine, daughter of Mr. O. R. Currey of this county.

(Finger pointing) A bright and shining gold dollar receive.

12/15/1849, 3-4


On Sunday morning, the 9th inst., by Rev. W. W. Keep., Mr. Joseph H. Reyburn to Miss Margaret Jane Fortney, all of this county.



Reyburn, Adam C., 1810, Missouri, no census record

Reyburn, Adam C., 1820, Boone County, no Reyburn

Reyburn, Adam C., 1830, Boone County, Raburn, Adam (5-95)

Reyburn, Adam C., 1840, Boone County, not there

Reyburn, Adam C., 1850, Boone County, or Lexington, Mo, Lafayette, not there

Reyburn, Adam C., 1860, Boone County, or Lexington, Mo, Lafayette, not there

Reyburn, Adam C., 1880, Boone County, not there


Reyburn, William T., 1830, Missouri (1819-1914)

William T., 1840

William T., 1850

William T., 1860

William T., 1870, (9-16A)

William T., 1880

William T., 1900

William T., 1910

William T., 1920

Reyburn, William T., 1850, Missouri (1850-1935)

William T., 1860

William T., 1870

William T., 1880

William T., 1900

William T., 1910

William T., 1920

Saunders, James F.,

1870-James (9-15A)

James (9-146B)

1880-James F. (10-41B)

1870 Boone County Census

P. 15a, Cedar Township, Boone, Mo. 8/4/1870

221 231 Saunders, David, 51 M W Farmer VA

Katherine 41 F W Keeping House VA

Ellen 19 F W MO

Alfred 16 M W MO

James 9 M W MO

P. 16A, Cedar township, Boone, MO. 8/4/1870

716 406 Rayburn, William, 49 M W Farmer 1700/500 MO

Nancy 67 F W Keeps House MO

William 19 M W MO

1880 Boone Census

No James with wife Nancy or of right age.

R165, 1900 Reel missing

1900 No Hopper Saunders

S536 Sanders, James F., 2, 25, 2, 68, 1900

W. June 1848, 51 KY Atchison, Polk Township, living alone.

S536, Sanders, 8/1/6/10/98, 1900

S. July 1861, 38, MO Booone Cedar Township

Sanders, Nancy W. W 8/1868 31 MO

Hopper S 6/1888 11 MO

Mamie A., D 11/1893 6 MO

Raymond T., S 9/1898 1 MO

Rayburn, John A., FL 7/1845 54 MO

R-165, 1910 No Rayburn, William T., no. Wms. is Bone

S536, 1910, No HOpper

Boone 009-0005-0314 1910

S536 Sanders, James F., H W 48 MO MO

Nannie W. W. 42 MO

Hopper S. 22 MO

Mamie A. D 16 MO

Raymon T. S 11 MO

Reyburn, John A. FL 65 MO

R-165, 1910

No Reyburn, William

s-536, 1910

S536 Saunders, Hopper, 9, 7, 8, 34

W. 31 Mo Boone

Saunders, Myrtle, W 29 MO

Eugine E., S 7 MO

James E., S 6 MO

Francissis B. D, 2 6/12, MO

S356, 1920

S536 Saunders, James F., 9, 6, 11, 85

W. 58, Mo Boone

Saunders, Nanie W., W 51, MO

S536 Saunders, Ray T., 16, 45, 3, 32, 1910

W. 21, Mo. Callaway

Saunders, Nellie, W., 19 MO