I. Ignatz (Ignatius) Muschany (6/23/1823-1/16/1902) m. Martha Miller (5/25/1828-2/2/1897)

II. Magdalene T. Muschany (Miss Madge) 1/26/1866-6/22/1951

II. James A. or U. (Irvin or John R.) Muschany (10/8/1856-11/4/1922) (schoolteacher) m. Margaret A. Morris (7/22/1861-3/20/1925) (brother C. L. Morris of California and sister Mrs. C. F. Stewart of St. Louis)(1830-) Oddly enough, Margaret and the children are listed with householders named James A. [1860], James U., [1900 and on tombstone] Irvin [1910] and John R. [1920] in different census records)

III. Ethel D. Muschany, (7/1888-1920) May have been born in 1880

III. Morris J. Muschany (12/21/1890-9/1966) m. Nellie M. (1889-1934)

IV. Donald K. Muschany (1917-)

III. Claude R. Muschany (1895-9/19/1977) m. Hester B. Stewart

IV. Dr. Norman K. Muschany

V. Five Children

IV. James C. Muschany (1929-7/1942)

III. J. Karl (2/13/1902-1/1982)


I. Mr. Evans and Narcissa E.

II. Catherine Evans m. Mr. Muschany (4/1853)

III. Eugene Muschany (8/1882-)

III. George Muschany (10/1884-)

Edward Muschany (10/13/1806-10/15/1890)

I. John E. Muschany (12/1843-9/17/1904) m. Margaret Ann (12/1853-1939)

II. Robert E., 5/12/1875-12/1/1876)

II. Louis Muschany (4/7/1876-11/8/1953) unmarried

II. Edward H. Muschany (9/13/1878-9/24/1955)

II. J. E., (2/15/1881-3/23/1887)

II. Robert O. Muschany (7/3/1883-6/27-1950) m. Antoinette (Nettie) Welker (1/15/1893-9/13/1982)

III. Lloyd Muschany (3/23/1919-12/30/1968)

III. John Edward Muschany (-8/1998)

II. William O. Muschany (9/20/1885-7/20/1951) Unmarried

II. Waldo "Pat" Muschany (3/12/1888-11/1962) m. Carrie E. (1896-)

II. Daisy Muschany (9/1890-) m. Earl Sutton

III. Harold E. Sutton (1902-)

II. Martin L. Muschany (3/15/1893-12/15/1901)

II. Catherine A. Muschany (9/23/1873-12/9/1876)

II. (Probably) Theodore Muschany, d. 7/17/1895, undreadable birthdate


I. Louis Muschany (9/1847-) m. Ellen (12/1855-)

II. Louis (10/1890-)

II. Dosie (1/1892-)

II. Flossie (11/1895-)

II. Henry (7/1898-)

I. Louis Muschany (1878-) m. May J. (1894-)

I. Eugene R. L. Muschany (12/2/1843-5/22/1888) m. Kate (1852-)

II. Munnie (1874-)

II. Eula (1878-)

II. Unnamed son (1879-)

I. George W. Muschany (1882-) m. Elizabeth Hess (1885-) brother Frederick Hess b. 1885

II. Ottila (daughter) 1911-

I. Robert Muschany (10/1851-) m. Susan (7/1858-)

II. James O. 8/1877-

II. Lizzie, 5/1879-

II. Louis V., 10/1881-

II. Nora S., 8/1884 (born Nebraska)-

II. Sarah E., 1/1889 (born Nebraska)-

II. Lillie Lee, 2/1891-

II. Anyilla M. 1/1893-

II. Albert Rass, 11/1895-

II. Julia B., 9/1898-

II. Willie B., 11/1899-

I. John B. Muschany (Germany) (6/7/1806-1/2/1862) m. Miss Janetta C. McCluer (10/2/1817-1/11/1880) (Had nine children)

II. Samuel C. Muschany (1/16/1839-1928) m. 1868, Virginia Moore (1/29/1871), dau of John L. and Malinda Moore; m2 5/6/1880, Lucy (Lucinda E.) Harris, da. of Noah and Lucinda Harris. (1851-1939)

III. Ada Muschany (by M1)

III. Tombstone in Price Cemetary, Busch Wildlife Area, says, "Children, S.C. and Virginia')

Samuel and Lucy had a ward, George Young, born 3/1885, in 1900

II. Mary Muschany (29 years old and single in 1880)

This is probably John B. Muschany's son

II. John B. Muschany (5/1853-9/7/1943) m. Minerva A. (4/27/1849-5/27/1913)

III. Janetta G. 11/23/1881-3/20/1963, unmarried

III. Firman D. or S., 8/1883 m. Birdie B. (1895-), lived at Smithton, Pettis Co.

IV. Dorothy R., (1914-)

III. Minerva (4/1887-died between 1913 and 1963) m. George Woodson

III. Clarence J. Muschany (4/12/1885-1/23/1963) m. Katherine Fulkerson (7/9/1888-11/17/1967)

IV. Marjorie (1913-) m. Mr. Auten

IV. Shirley Muschany single in 1963

III. John Euel Muschany (4/1889-) lived at Smithton, Mo, Pettis Co.

This is probably John B. Muschany's son, buried with Samuel, John B., wives and others in Dardenne Cemetary

II. Eugene R. L. Muschany, 12/2/1843-5/22/1888)

II. Charlie LeGrand Muschany (9/16/1853-3/16/1856), tombstone says "son of J.B. and J."

II. (Probably) Camillus J. Muschany, 11/10/1841-1/8/1842) buried in Price with John B. and Janetta

II. Five more children


I. William Muschany (4/1858, MO-) m. Elizabeth (Elsie) (2/1865 Bavaria, Germany)

II. George, 10/1881

II. Louis, 5/1883-m. Louisa (1884-)

III. Elmer (5/14/1904-1/1982)

III. Florence (1907-)

III. Helene (1908-)

II. Theodore 5/1885- m. Margaret (1888-)

III. Theodore Muschany (1911-)

III. Howard Muschany (1913-)

II. William, 2/1887-

II. Lena, 7/1889

II. Charles, 2/1894

II. John, 6/1897