Sometime between 1980 and 1984, I interviewed Leona Schmidt by phone.

We talked about general family history.

She mentioned Jim Pitman. "The Muschany's are all dead. Morris died first and then Claude."

"They used to have camp meetings and my mother and Mrs. De Tally would (always go). I remember my mother's saying, 'who's this? Everybody's related.'"

Doll (Vesta) McCormich. Her address is 705 Maple Street, Prattsburg, MO 64477. 816-539-2965. Her son lives in Michigan. Chappy. McCormick.


Edna Sutton died in Ukiah, California in 1976. Janet Sutton lived a little further awy. Eula Dale didn't live too far from that town.


A German man wrote a book about Ralph Earl Sutton.

Wolf Roebling home? Four way stop/bank, flower shop, resturaunt on fourth corner, Hymn and Pearce.

Stop there ar the Farm Bureau. Go back in there quite a ways. Maime and Grover Sylvey Tarbell. Mr. George Deese's funeral.

Board porch in fron of building, up and down mainstreet.

Most of what I remember...Gary Metlock, Wetnzville MEssenger. It wasn't in the Union. They raised the price to $7.50, so we have a little free paper.

Bill Shermeyer lives in a new subdivision in New Melle. His dad, John, had a store in Defiance. He writes the Cracker Barrel. The father is J. W. Schiermeier, 314-828-5887. He's in his late 70's. He remembers it, lists of names he had found in his Dad's ledger.

There's a woman from St. Charles, McKlehany, Morris. Her stuff is at the Historical Society.

I was five in August. Got in trouble with my mom.

I married Walter Schmidt. He died on July 3, 1968.


She lived in Wentzville. The nursing home was called MArlee when she was there. Now it's Wentzville Park.

Harold Sutton was in Florida.

Eart Sutton was married to Edna Zeyen. She died and was cremated and buried at Thomas Howell.

Ralph Earl and both of the girls went to COlorado. Eula Dale and Janet live in California.

He played a lot at Lake Tahoe. Someone wrote a book about him. He was a heavy drinker. He could've been real famous. She was...

Bill Zeyen's wife was named Eula. She was in England with him. They played a Union Electric concert in St. Louis.


Archie Bowman was a nephew. Ed Bowman. I graduated high school May 24, and he left Monday the 27th of June 1919. The war ended Nov. 11, 1918.

When World War II broke out, the boys had to show proof of birth. Missouri didn't register births at the time the boys were born, so they had to find three proofs.

I met Delia Bacon when World War II broke out. I can't give you no dates or nothing about her.

Jewell Fowler was an electrician for thirty years. I wrote to him one time, couldn't find birth certificate.


Jasper had been to Ponford School. His daughter Bertie kept the old registers for the school the first two years Jewell Fowler went to school. There was nobody by that name registered under Jewell. Miss Minnie Walker (was the teacher? or said) his name was Jewell Randolph. When the schools consolidated they didn't preserve the old true records. When the T.N.T. plant came in the schools consolidated. Two kids Family Bibles had been destroyed in Lincoln County.

Aunt E. M. Fowler, Bill Fowler's wife. Three proofs, 1910.

Dess wanted her birth records. They had to have a school record or christening record, insurance policy or something.

(Somebody) started school in 1908. In the spring it burned in 1908. The Old Thompson Building. Men in tobacco raisin, two sisters were milliners and (in?) frame building.

Gert Fridley ran the Cottage Hotel. It burned.


Ruby Fowler had emphazyma so bad. It had been several years. She never married. Maybe is dead by now.

Ruth Fowler had one daughter, Barbara. Ruth married twice, first to Marshall and then Olan Todd. They lived in Florida. He had a home in one of the Carolinas. He wanted to move. She committed suicide. She was the sweetest thing. She had (or ent)...She wouldn't kill a fly. Shot herself. Screamed until somebody...


Were all older. The youngest brother was Ellis (Ilise?). The oldest was Roy, who died six years ago.

Career air force

Thomas Virgil died 13 years ago in November

Bernett or Bernard Bacon married a cousin after he died. 1 Tooch Moore, she married a Howell, Eton, They (Bernette) had Elzie Dewey. Second marriage had Jimmy, a girl and another child.


Irving Bacon was a bass fiddelr. One leg was crooked and he'd hook his leg into the crook of the fiddle body and keep time. He played at housedances. They played country and wester, Turkey in the Straw, Devil's Dream, Over the Waves.