I. William Lay of Virginia

II. Thomas Marquis Lay (2/18/1837-1904?) m. Mary Francis Johnson (10/8/1845-1904)(William-Bacon)

III. James William Lay (4/18/1864-9/1933) m.1 (2/23/1886) Mary E. Wooford, m2. Bessie Shackleford

IV. Tula Lay m. Elmer Elwood

III. George Thomas Lay (1/11/1866-1/9 or 15/1948) m. 11/9/1893 Georgeanna McCormick (-1934).

IV. Myrtle Lay (b. 2/22/1900-3/1900) This came from George's obituary. HOWEVER, this could be Georgia Washington Lay, born or died Feb. 22, 1899 at the age of three weeks and three days. She is buried at Craig.)

III. Mary Virginia Lay (5/11/1868-) m. Eli McCormick

IV. Dovie McCormick m. James Gump

IV. Oliver Gray McCormick, m. Virgie Meyer

IV. Addie McCormick m. Walter Aronson

IV. Dollie H. McCormick m. Milton Smith

IV. Miller McCormick

III. John Milton Lay (9/9/1872-1963) m. (4/21/1903) Della Pearl Keller

IV. Ruth Marcella Lay (7/21/1908-) m. 5/28/1928 John Gordon Dixon (4/13/1905 Howell)

V. Grace Lee Dixon (3/11/1929 Defiance) m. 4/29/1950 Harold E. Schneider (11/16/1921 Weldon Springs.)

VI. Donna Jean Schneider (11/5/1951 St. Louis)

VI. Cathy Ann Schneider (8/3/1953 Troy)

V. John Kenneth Dixon (7/5/1930 Howell) m. 12/16/1950 Marjorie Wilson, (9/1/1930)

VI. Kenneth Lee Dixon, 5/28/1955 Troy

VI. James Brian Dixon, 8/25/1957

IV. Ivan Milton Lay (7/15/1905-) m. 8/27/1932, Alma Maxwell in St. Charles

V. Carol Dean Lay m. 1852 David Kohrs

VI. Ronald P. Kohrs

VI. Robert W. Kohrs

VI. Ralph G. Kohrs

VI. Debra J. Kohrs

VI. Beth Ann Kohrs

V. Mac Gerald Lay (Helen's twin), (1938-) m. Gloria Ann Johnson

VI. Cheri Denise Lay

VI. Cynthia Ann Lay

V. Helen Jean Lay m. Donald B. Swindle

VI. Donald B. Swindle, Jr.

V. Ray Derold Lay, unmarried.

IV. Mary Edith Lay (1916-) m. Angus Mason

V. Daughter born 4/17

IV. Thelma Pearl Lay, m. Harold F. Mason

III. Mrs. C. L. Smith (-6/1/1929, buried in Kansas City)

III. Addie Belle Lay (probably), 9/9/1870-3/1909 m. John W. Lay, her cousin

IV. Child who died a few weeks before her.

1849. Ely Lay m. E. A. McCormick, 1849, Dardenne Presbyterian. 11/13/1853, Ely and Emily Ann Lay moved to Kansas

March 22/30, 1898. Mr. John Lay left last Saturday for Jackson Co. where he expects to remain for some time with his brother James Lay.

Oct. 5, 1898. John Lay has returned from Kansas where he has been going with a thresher outfit. He reports enorous crops and good qulity of wheat. (19/3/1898)

6/14/1904. Mrs. Thomas Lay, residing between Defiance and Hamburg, died of rhuematism Monday and the funeral took place Tuesday.

9/29/1908. John Lay of near Defiance has rented the John GLock property and expects to take possession in a few weeks. Mr. Bergfeld has recently occupied the Glock farm. They expect to move on a farm west of town.

3/11/1909. John Lay had the misfortune of losing a fine yearling last Saturdya. The animal was kicked by one of the other horses and dislocated and broke one back leg so it was necessary to kill the horse.

4/1/1909. Mrs. Lay, beloved wife of J. W. Lay, (died) several weeks of the most painful suffering. Her little infant preceeded her to the grave a few days before. THIS IS ADDIE BELLE LAY, AT WILLIAMSON-BACON

6/29/1911. Attacked in Dark, Gets Broken Jaw and Knife Wound.

"John Lay brought to the hospital Sunday afternoon after being beaten in Defiance row.

"John Lay was brought to the hospital Sunday aftenroon suffering from a broken jaw and knife wound received early Sunday morning when attacked by someone in front of Henry Diedrich's saloon.

"It was quite dark and MR. Lay is not sure who the person was as he was attacked from the rear as he walked from the porch in front of the building. Parties hwoever, who witenssed the affair named the guilty party to the Prosecuting Attorny and some action will be taken within the next week.

"The trouble seems to have grown out of a dispute between Mr. Lay and Ira Kork over a dice game for drinks at Diedrich's saloon late Saturday evening, which was apparently settled long before the attack. Mr. Lay does not accuse Mr. Kork as he cannot be sure it was done in the dark and he did not see the attacking party. Pg. 1, Col. 3."

July 9, 1925. On July 1st, Mrs. John Lay celebrated the 9th birthday of her youngest daughter. Friends young and old were there to wish the little girl many happy returns. She received many nice presents and several beautiful bouquets of flowers. At the noon hour nine little boys and girls sat down to a bountifully supplied table and though they did their best, there was plenty left when the older folks' time to eat arrived. Everyone enjoyed the day very mucha nd hope to help Mary Edith celebrate next year. The children present were Dorothy Voght, Todd Keller Shaner, Opal Cunningham, Dorothy Johnson, Ray, Morgan, Donald, Leola and Wayne Cork.

7/22/1926, Sat. July 17, was a red letter day for Ivan Lay. He was 21 years old and a number of his friends surprised him that evening. There were 27 present besides the family to "help him grow old". The evening was spent in games and music. Delicious refreshments were served. The guests did not leave until a later...(hour and wished him)...more happy birthdays in which all the B.S.D. most heartily joine. He received many lovely presents.

9/9/1926. Mr. John Lay shot a mad dog at his home Sunday morning or at least he acted suspiscious. And Mr. Lay took no chances.

1/6/1927, SCBN. "The young folks are certainly making the best of the ice out this way--one of the big times they had was 'watching the old year out and the new year in'. They gathered at McKenney's large pond, built a big fire and had a glorious time. Those present were Misses Ruth, Thelma and Mary Edith Lay, Frances Marie and Ollie Opal Cunningham, Annie Lee and Betty Howard, Dorothy Johnson, Mr. Gordon Dixon, MR. Ivan Lay, Mr. Sam and Charles Picreaux, Newton BRay, Todd Keller Shaner and Edward and Milton Smith."

1/6/1927. SCBN. Messrs. A. J. Keller and John Lay spent Tuesday with C. D. Keller

6/6/1929. Mr. John Lay went to East St. Louis Fridnay. His sister, Mrs. C. L. Smith died at the hosptial at that place Friday morning. Her remains were taken to Kansas City for burial. mrs. Smith was born and raised in the Defiance neighborhood and lived here seven years. She has two other brothers besides John. Died of double pneumonia. John, Mr. George and Mr. Jim and several nieces and nephews. We extend our sympathy to the relatives.


1921. Ivan Lay m. Alma Wilson, 8/27/1932, Dardenne Presbyterian.

1/6/1927. SCBN. Mr. John Lay, Mary Edith Lay and Miss Ruth were all on the sick list last week.

1/6/1927. SCBN. Messrs. A. J. Keller and John Lay spent Tuesday with C. D. Keller.


3/15/1934. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Mason, Mr. and Mrs. Angus Mason, and Mr. and Mrs. John Lay all took Sat. dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Lay of Defiance.


1/13/1935 Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Dixon and two children, Grace Lee and John Kenneth of Howell called on their parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Lay Friday afternoon. Grace Lee and "Sonny" are spending a few days with grandfather and grandmother this week.

4/18/1935. "Mr. and Mrs. John Lay spent Wed. with Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Keller assisting them in the wood sawing."

8/15/1935. "Those visiting in the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Lay Sunday night were Mr. A. J. Keller of Long Beach, Ca., Mr. and Mrs. Harold Mason, Mr. and Mrs. Angus Mason of East St. Louis, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Dixon and children of near Howell, and Mr. Melvin Keller of Hamburg, also Mr. and Mrs. Allen Link and mother called Sunday morning.

2/16/1939. Warren Cork ate Sunday dinner with Uncle George Lay.

10/15/1939. BSD. George Lay of Defiance was a business caller in the Bacon home Monday afternoon.

3/13/1940. Mar. 4, son born to Mr. and Mrs. Angus Mason

1/30/1941. Mr. and Mrs. John Lay by train to St. Charles to join Ivan and family on motor trip to East St. Louis to visit the Harold and Angus (bd) Mason families. 2 Month old Grandson Carl Ramon Mason, son of Angus.


3/27/1941. Mrs. John Lay new grandson, Harold Francis Mason, "pretty as a girl and a veritable jewell."

4/24/1941. Grace Lee Dixon stepped on nail narrow escape from tetanus.

10/16/1941 Mrs. Ivan Lay's mother, Mrs. Meredith Wilson

1/1/1948. Mr. George T. Lay of Defiance suffered a severe stroke Christmas morning. He is now in the St. Joseph Hospital at St. Chalres and is in quite critical condition. Pg. 1 SCBN

Thursday, 1/15/1948, SCBN. George Lay of Defiance Dies at the Hospital

"George Lay of Defiance died at 7:30 o'clock this motning at St. Joseph Hospital. He was 81 years old. Mr. Lay suffered a stroke Christmas day.

"Surviving him are one brother, John Lay of St. Charles, seven nieves and nephew. His wife preceded him in death 14 years ago.

"Funeral will be held Sunday afternoon at 2:00 at the Methodist Church in Defiance. The body will be at the Muschany Funeral Parlor in Wentzville until noon Sunday."

1/15/1948. Although not a surprise, the death of Mr. George Lay at St. Joseph's hospital Friday morning January 9 is regretted by many relatives and friends who have known him many years. He suffered a parlytic stroke 7:00 a.m. Christmas when a passing neighbor spoke to him as he stood in his door. Later, the small son of Mr. and Mrs. Omar Cork went to his home to invite him to Christmas dinner and found the elderly man lyin gon his bed in an unconscious condition. Mr. and Mrs. Cork who are near relatives called the ambulance...remained semi-conscious until death January 9. B. Jan. 11, 1866 in Bacon School District. Thomas Lay of...and Mary Francis Johnson Lay. Married Georgeanna McCormick on 11/9/1893. She died 14 years ago. A little girl was born to this union on Feb. 22, 1900, but lived on two weeks, she was given the name of Myrtle...Joined Pleasant Hill 1893 and remained failful to its teaching although he never took an active part in church work. It is said he never spoke ill of anyone and he was always considerate and kind to his neighbors. Andrew fam Jan 11, day he planned to celebrate ...82nd birthday. Funeral services were held at the Methodist Church, thence to Craig Cemetary where he is at rest beside his wife and baby girl. The funeral was largely attended...Brother John of St. Charles, nine nieces and nephews. He never joined a fraternal order but was a lifelong Democrat. Pallbearers: Ivan Lay, Gordon Dixon, Harold Mason, Morgan, Donald and Wayne Cork. We have just learned that Mr. Lay's will has been read in which he instrustcs the adminsitrator, John M. Lay that the residue of the estate is to be ...for the upkeep of Craig Cemetary. Our undersanding is that Mr. Lay's property was all clear of encumbrances and that by previous arrangement Albert Ruebbling will become owner of the Lay home."

George Thomas Lay of Defiance, St. Charles Co., Mo., August 1945. Heirs: John Lay, brother, Ivan Lay, nephew, Oliver Grey McCormick, nephew, Dollie McCormick, neice; For James Lay, a deceased brother, a gravestone to be erected in Cemetary. John Lay, brother, naemd Adminsitrator and Executor.

Ivan and Pearl Lay 50th anniversary, April 19, 1953, 2300 Benton Ave., St. Charles.

JOHN MILTON LAY. Was living in Femme Osage in 1910. He was a literate farmer who owned the property. In 1948, he was the adminsitrator of his brother George's will. In 1953, he was living in St. Charles, MO. He died in 1963.

IVAN LAY. Suffered strokes.

GEORGE THOMAS LAY. Was living at #98 Femme Esage Township in 1910. Literate. One pregnancy, no living children.

GEORGIA MCCORMICK LAY. Her sister was Julia F. McCormick who married Morgan B. Hayes and then Murvin Keithly. See McCormicks and Keithleys. Julia and Murvin are also buried at Craig.

ADDIE BELLE LAY. She was born 9/9/1870 and married her cousin John W. Lay, according to her tombstone in Williamson Bacon Burying Grounds. She died March 27, 1909, but apparently had no obituary or mention in the newspapers that can be found. She was 39, but had no children.

THOMAS MARQUIS LAY, born Feb. 18, 1837 in Virginia. Married 6/22/1862 Mary Frances Johnson from Missouri. 1880 Census enumerates him in St. Charles County, Femme Osage Township. Children, James William, George T., Mary V., Addie B. and John M. Thomas M. Lay from New Melle, Mo. served as a Colonel in the 75th Regiment E.M.M., 40th Division, St. Charles Mo., Civil War, Union side.

MARY FRANCIS JOHNSON LAY, wife of Thomas Marquis Lay, born 10/8/1845. Buried at Williamson-Bacon Burying Grounds. She died on June 13, 1904 at 59 years, 8 months and 5 days. Her tombstone reads, "Asleep in Jesus".


Mr. J. G. Dixon

2700 West Clay St.

St. Charles, Mo. 63301

Get well card sent to Barnes Hospital, Room 12239. 1/31/1968. Dear Rose, We hope you are much better and can go home soon. Love, Ruth and Gordon.

8/7/1968. Room 12229 Get Well Card

Dear Rose, Sure hope you will soon be able to be out of there. WE were awfully sorry to hear of your fall. May God Bless you with complete recovery. Love, Ruth and Gordon


Lived at Route 2, Box 146, St. Charles. Sent card 2/9/1968 to Rose., St. Charles, 2/20/1968. Ivan and Alma (Lay)

(Rose) We are so glad to hear you are able to be at Evelyns. Know you are glad to be there. Our Rae is in Germany. Ivan went back to work last Monday. (I just got back from taking our BIlly to the animal clinic. Had to leave her for survery. She is a half sister of the dog you got from us. We love her so.


St. Louis marriage: Georgia R. Lay to Alfred G. Wienstroer, May 4, 1961. (1861?)

Have no idea what this means:

1853 11/13 Eli and Emily Ann Lay (moved to KS)

Marcus Lay

Jame McCormick WD

Lucinda Gould WD

Jemima Keller