Alfalfa Picnic, K.A.-3

Cat, Tabby adopts rabbits, K.A.-1


Blood Coon Hound, K.A.-1

House fire, K.A.-2

Possum Hunting, K.A.-2

Thanksgiving, K.A.-2

Bacon, Delia, K.A.-1, K.A.-2

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey, K.A.-1, K.A.-2, K.A.-3

Baird, Gussy (see also Gussy Pugh and Gussy Farris), K.A.-3, K.A.-4

Harold, K.A.-4

Beiser, Mrs. H. G., K.A.-2

Ruby, K.A.-2

Bray, Newton, K.A.-2, K.A.-5

Brown, Dr. G. B., K.A.-2

Butler, Prof. and Mrs., K.A.-1

Copeland, Mrs., K.A.-1

Davis, Earl, K.A.-3

Ellis, Dr. Merrit, K.A.-2

Finch, Mrs. C. O. (C.L.?), K.A.-1

Fridley, C. E., K.A.-3

Ralph, K.A.-3

Fuch, L. A. and brother, K.A.-1

Johnson, Ora, K.A.-2

Keller, Alfred Jackson, K.A.-1-5

A. J., K.A.-1-5

George Jackson, K.A.-1

Herbert, K.A.-2, 3, 5

Martha, K.A.-1

Rose, K.A.-1


Lay, Mr. and Mrs. John, K.A.-2, 3, 4, 5

Ivan, K.A.-5

Lenant, Mrs., K.A.-1

Lindbergh, Charles, K.A.-3

McKenney Farm, K.A.-3, 5

Mayo Brothers, K.A.-2

Miller, David A., K.A.-3

Muschany, Morris, K.A.-3

Mr. and Mrs. Claude, K.A.-1

Parks, Gov., K.A.-3

Pugh, Gussy, K.A.-1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Harold K., K.A.-1, 4, 5

Mrs. K. S., K.A.-1

Sam, K.A.-1

Virginia Katherine, K.A.-3, 4

Richmond, Mr.. K.A.-3

Shaner, Todd Keller. K.A.-2, 3, 4, 5

Schwrein, Edward, K.A.-3

Robert, K.A.-3

Smith, Ed, K.A.-3, 5

Milton, K.A.-3, 5

Sudbrock, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin, K.A.-3

Vogt, Lelia, K.A.-1

Yahn, Mr. and Mrs. Lee, K.A.-3


Bacon School District


Catawises, Mo.

Chicago, Il.

East St. Louis, IL.

Hamburg, Mo.

Hollywood High School

Hoopeston, Ill.

Howell, MO.

Indianapolis, IN

L.A., Ca.

Long Beach, CA.

Pasadena, Ca.

Pasadena College of Chiropractic

Rochester, MN

St. Charles, Mo.

Warren, Ark.

Wentzville, MO.

Venice, Ca.


Farris, Mrs. Gussie

Keller, Mrs. A. J.

Keller, Mrs. Herbert (Gussie)

Pugh, Mrs. Gussie

Pugh, Dr. Gussie


Rose Hills MEmorial Park, Whittier, CA.

Venice, CA.

Whittier, CA.