George L. D. Keller was born January 12, 1848 on his father's farm in Washington County, VA. He lived part of his childhood in Clinton County, Ill. He came to St. Charles County in 1868 and then moved to Montgomery County, Kansas. He stayed there only a year and went back to Washington County, VA in 1871.

He returned to St. Charles County in 1872 and married Mary Virginia McCormick, the daughter of Isaac and Jane McCormick, on Nov. 19, 1873 in St. Charles County.

They lived near Defiance, MO on a farm of 119 acres, and had several children, including Daisy May, Oliver Curtis, Maude McCormick Keller, Alberta Susan, Adrian Deboe, Ruth Leota and Rupert Leon. A child named Louis had died before 1886.

On May 22, 1898, reported that Daisy Keller returned from visiting Callaway County and Miss Jennie Keller is in St. Louis visiting.

On July 13, 1911, the paper reported, "Arthur Keller returned home Sunday from Chicago after visiting friends and relatives." Later in the column, "Mr. and Mrs. George Keller and daughter Helen spent Sat. in East St. Louis."

The family moved to Columbia, MO and lived on Ann Street while their son Adrian was at the University studying engineering. One of their daughters was a nurse.

Gussie Keller stayed with the family in Columbia for a while. She met and married Frank Farris of Boone County in 1915.

On January 6, 1921, Wednesday, "Mr. and Mrs. George Keller of East St. Louis, Mr. and Mrs. Clemme Knobbe of Ferguson attended the funeral of their nephew Elmo Ehlinger today." IT was a Catholic service.

The book "History of St. Charles, Montgomery and Warren Counties," (reprinted from the original 1886 edition in 1969 by Paul V. Cochrane, St. Louis, MO., page. 252.) says,


January 12, 1848, was the date of MR. Keller's birth, and this father's homestead, in Washington Co., Va. was the place. His father was a blacksmith, and, when George L. D. was still young, removed to Clinton Co., Ill. Seven years later he returned to Washington Co., Va., where he lived until his death. He died there in 1874. His wife was Miss Susan Baber before her marriage. They had a family of twelve children, nine of whom are living. The mother died in 1877. George L. D. was reared in his native county in Virginia, and came to St. Charles County in 1868. Subsequently, he went to Montgomery County, Kans., and from there he went back to Virginia in 1871. The following year, however, he returned to St. Charles County, where he has since resided and been engaged in farming. He has a good farm of 119 acres. In 1873, he was married to Miss Mary, a daughter of Isaac and Jane McCormick. They have five children, Daisy, Curtis, Maude and Albert. Louis is deceased. Mr. and Mrs. Keller and members of the M. E. Church.

On June 26, 1941, the St. Charles paper reported, "Rupert Keller of VEntura, Ca. is visiting at the home(s) of Dr. F. L. Hayes, Mrs. F. L. (O.) Boone, Leon McCormick and other St. Charles relatives. He is on his way home from Michigan, driving a new car he purchased there. Mr. Keller is a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. George Keller, residents of defiance for a number of years before moving to the west.

August 28, year unknown, St. Charles Banner-News, "Mr. and Mrs. George Keller, Kingshighway and Clark Street, leaving for East St. Louis. PResernt Alice and Edna Steinbrinker, Nettie and Ida Honerkamp, Isabel Koeble, E. Kuechler, R. Honerkamp, S. Leonart, Helen and Arthur Keller and Cornelia Schniedermier."