May 17, 1911. Miss Howell (Sallie R.) died Friday, 55 years, brother James Howell, $50.00; nephew, Joseph A., $200; Laura V. Morris, friend, $300; Ethel D. Muschany, $100; Morris Muschany, $100; Claude Muschany, $100; Carl Muschany, $100; Old Dardenne Graveyard, $50; Howell Cemetary, $50.00. Deceased's sister Achilliea, Mrs. R. F. A. Gamble. Lorenzo Howell (cousin) died ten years ago, willed $10,000.00 to upkeep of Howell Cemetary. Sustained by supervisor of court.

1/27/1921. Mr. and Mrs. Arch Howell spent Sunday aftenroon with Mr. and Mrs. Morris Muschany. Howell, MO. SCBN.