Cynthia Luella Valley Nash


Work: 441-8162

Home: 682-1672, Centralia

Her husand is a Nash from Boone County.

Called December 18, 1998 about 3:00. Had been referred by man in the Red Sheet ad circular, along with others. Looking mostly for information about her mother's family. Her niece doing gen. and called her. She called her sister and learned her maternal greatgrandmother's name. No records. Called back later in the evening and had talked to her sister.

Called again Tuesday before Christmas. Told her it was unlikely I would be able to get any information until after New Years.


Cynthia Luella Valley Nash

Born circa 1966

Twelve brothers and sisters, eleven living

Married, two step children

Works at beauty parlor in Walmart Super Store on east side of town


Great Grandparents were French Catholics

Father: Joseph Raymond Valle, Sr., (Birth certificate says Valle, now spelled Valley.) Catholic. About 61 when he died in 1922 in Tiff, Mo., Delivered by a midwife. Social Security Death Index says Valle. Born March 4, 1921, died November 1978, at zip code 63111. 492-20-1399. His sister Lucy married John Edward Walls, who is Joseph's wife Minnie's half-brother.

Paternal Grandfather, Joseph John Valle, died before 1970 in Belle, Mo, in his 70s. Not listed in Social Security Death Index. I think she gave me those dates, but they are on a lost sheet.

Paternal Grandmother, Mary Theresa Sansausie, died around 1970. Probably gave me dates of birth and death but they're lost.

Mother: Minnie Agnes Finn, born June 12, 1926, died 1991 in St. Luois. Had an older half-brother named John Edward Walls who is buried in Leesburg, Mo. Minnie is buried in Leesburg, Mo. She did not want anyone knowing the family history. She said, "If I wanted you to know I'd tell you."

Maternal Grandfather: Joseph Henry Finn, died about 1982 at the hospital in Rolla. Moved to Belle, Mo. from St. Louis. He was about 82 when he died. Buried at Leesburg. Born September 23, 1896, died November 1981 at 65013, Belle, Maries County, Mo. NLG, 498-01-3693.

Maternal Grandmother: Bessie Ellen Walls, died in St. Louis, abotu 56 years old, sometime between 1950s and 1970. Her first child was John Edward Walls, then she had Minnie, and Bessie and Joseph split up when Minnie was 10. Joseph wasn't in contact with Minnie until Cynthia was about 10 years old. Bessie is buried at Leesburg. Bessie married Benjamin Schneider and he survived her but is buried at Bland, Mo. She said that some of her people walked the Trail of Tears. Cynthia later said that Bessie and Schneider were never married except by common law.

There are two Benjamin Schneiders listed in the Social Security Death Index.

Maternal Grandmother's Sister: Mary Margaret Wright, buried at Leesburg, near Sullivan, Mo.

John Edward Walls, born December 4, 1922, died Dec. 1988, 65559, NLG/NLG, 487-22-3551, Missouri. Cynthia said that after his divorce when he was dying, she came and stayed with him. When he was dying, he said that he had burned down the house of his mother and Benjamin Schneider to keep Schneider's children from getting the estate. Apparently, his mother had died first, leaving her estate to Schneider and then Schneider died and left it all to his children. When Cynthia told her mother about Walls having set the fire, she said, "How did you find out?", so it was apparently known quietly in the family. He also had been born with a different name, the father's surname, and had his name legally changed at some point to this one.



I. Joseph John Valle, d before 1970 and Mary Theresa Sansausie, d around 1970.

II. Joseph Raymond Valle, Sr., (3/4/1921-11/1978) m. Minnie Agnes Finn (6/12/1926-1991)

III. Cynthia Finn m. Nash

III. Twelve brothers and sisters, eleven living

II. Lucy Valle m. John Edward Walls

III. Multiple children

Lucy Valle Walls m.2. Mr. Shaw, lives in Oklahoma


I. Joseph Henry Finn (9/23/1896-11/1981) m. Bessie Ellen Walls

II. Minnie Agnes Finn (above under Valle)


I. Mr. and Mrs. Walls

II. Bessie Ellen Walls (above under Finn)

III. John Edward Walls (had a different name at birth)

III. Minnie Agnes Finn m. Joseph Valle, Sr.

IV. Cynthia Finn Nash

II. Mary Margaret m. Mr. Wright